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Xerpihan is able to help your proofreading needs.

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    Paragraph structure correction

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    Layout formatting

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    Sentences paraphrase

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jasa proofreading

Why You Need Proofreading Services?

Proofreading is the process of checking and correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency and coherence between paragraphs. Proofreading and grammar check services are needed to ensure that your documents, thesis and journal are in accordance with language rules and are worthy of publication. Our proofreader will help you select the right words and phrases to improve readability and refine sentences so that your writing becomes more natural, flowing, and easy to read.

Why Choose Xerpihan Proofreading Services?

jasa proofreading

More Than 1.000 Clients Trust Xerpihan

Xerpihan proofreading services have helped many authors to produce quality English and Indonesian documents, journals, and theses.

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Order Once

Xerpihan is ready to provide a free revision guarantee for every order for English and Indonesian proofreading services

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Professional Translator

Our team consists of professional proofreaders who have a lot of experience in proofreading and checking the grammar of various documents

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Confidentiality Guarantee

A non-disclosure agreement is available if needed

Case Study

Here are some clients and examples of portfolios that we have worked with regarding proofreading services.

jasa proofreading
Deep Learning for Indonesia Standard Industrial Classificati

2020 International Conference on Electrical Engineer

Mercury and Chromium Distribution in Soil Near Maros Karst E

Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Scienc


Current Research in Nutrition and Food Science

A Numerical Study of The Outflow of Makassar Strait Using Re

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Scien

Mucin-1 expression in endometrial tissue of Macaca nemestrin

Biodiversitas Journal of Biological Diversity

Motivations and Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs: The Indon

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine

Characteristics of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Polycystic (PCO

Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Choose the Package That Fits Your Needs

Indonesian or English proofreading service for scientific paper, journal, essay, books (fiction and non-fiction), website, reports, and many other




ENG: per 2500 words ID: per 3500 words

  • Double spaces

    Double spaces

  • Writing format

    Writing format

  • Typo


  • Punctuation


  • Grammar


  • Unlimited revision

    Unlimited revision

Not eligible for proofreading certificate

Premium Editing



ENG: per 2500 words ID: per 3500 words

  • Copy editing

    Copy editing

  • Rejection shield

    Rejection shield

  • Edit your journal based on reviewers comment

    Edit your journal based on reviewers comment

  • Ensure all issues are appropriately handled

    Ensure all issues are appropriately handled

Copy Editing



ENG: per 2500 words ID: per 3500 words

  • Proofreading


  • Wordy


  • Conjunction


  • Hard to read sentence

    Hard to read sentence

  • Ambiguous term

    Ambiguous term

  • Fragment and run on sentence

    Fragment and run on sentence

  • Incoherent paragraph

    Incoherent paragraph

  • Literal translation

    Literal translation

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