About Us

A SaaS and Edutech Language Startup with a mission to enable easier and cheaper solution towards English-Indonesian language barrier.


We are PT Xerpihan Kata Digital, a startup that has been growing since 2021 to provide the best services and products related to language.

Our language services have been trusted by various institutions because of our expertise as a company that 'walks the talk' when it comes to translation, proofreading, subtitling, and transcription of the highest quality.

How do we do it? By providing a team with high language expertise, accompanied by in-depth discussions for every job through enjoyable online meetings with clients.

We are gradually offering our language classes or courses to the public as a testament to our commitment to language education, which is increasingly being eroded in this technological era.

Lastly, the tangible evidence of our seriousness in this language industry is also evident from the artificial intelligence-based application we provide.

Core Team


Yasa Nugroho



Setianing Wikanthi

Education Program Director

Support Team


Firosyan Sulaiman

Project Manager


Rika Rahmawati



Viannisa Akira

Business Dev

100+ Experienced Language Officer

Sworn and Non-Sworn